Gelvis is a creative talent working for publishers, companies and private customers as well. Many of her designs are available as prints in various sizes or as personalized paintings.

A vast number of images from her gallery are printed in limited series and numbered by the author herself. It is also possible to buy sets of prints with the same theme.

Her works can be sent all over the world.

Gelvis is also available for home decor assignments as well as for ballerinegelvis, fashion accessories and merchandising, custom wedding favours and illustrated portraits.

For the available prints, prices and quotes for art works on commission you can email Gelvis directly at

In her art studio in Florence you will be able to admire, order and purchase her works on exposition, as well as see the artist at work!

Illustrated portrait of Marielle Franco Cria da Marè


Sometimes doing a seemingly very demanding task turns out to be fun. Here’s the proof – Bryson, a new portfolio we made for you.