GELVISamaLEI is the love story of an artist, Elvira Giannattasio aka Gelvis, with herself and her femininity. Gelvis tells, through her illustrated poems, what for her is a real feeling… the feeling of femininity, and she does so by exposing emotions, sensations, pain, vibrations, heartbeats, vomiting, joys, eroticism and adrenaline.

By telling herself, the artist talks about women and speaks to them and to men, offering them that sphere of femininity that is little welcomed, often listened to and understood even by women themselves.

GELVISamaLEI is a tool for psychoanalysis, reflection and enrichment for women and men who do not fully understand the feeling of femininity and who tend to belittle it, thus preventing them from focusing on that aspect of the female soul which is the strong-fragile-tender part that it is inside every human being and must be understood and cared for in order to come to love oneself and therefore to love.

Because the soul is female, even the male one.


 – Illustrated poems. –